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Attract More Clients and Increase Your Income

From the Desk of Jaime Ellithorpe

Dallas, TX, USA


Hello and Welcome to the Client Attractor Blueprint!


If you'd like to (finally) get clarity in your marketing so you can easily attract more clients...


If you'd like to stop the overwhelm of not knowing what to do next to create a sustainable income...


And if you'd like to feel confident instead of salesy when you offer your products and services...


Then this will be the most important letter you'll read to change the trajectory of your business.


Here's Why...


What if I were to tell you that I truly believe there is a way for you to finally create a steady steam of clients who are eager to buy what you have to offer...


Plus remove all the barriers that have stopped you from doing this until now.

I'm talking about a step-by-step systemized approach to marketing and growing your business.


The same system I used to figure all my marketing out, create a brand, and solidify a clear message...


Without feeling like I'm having to "sell" my products and services.


Sound Amazing?


Hi, my name is Jaime Ellithorpe, and ever since I developed this system, I've been able to create a business I love while helping other coaches, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs do the same.


But It Wasn't Always Like This...


When I first started my entrepreneurial journey, I didn't have a roadmap to follow.


My entire business (and even personal life) was complete chaos. 


I spent every waking hour I had free to work on my business. I alienated friends and family...


I quit doing so many things I loved like exercising and working in my garden...


Because I wanted so badly to impact others and make a difference. But...


The harder I tried, the more confused I got...


I kept investing in more programs, more trainings, all the while thinking...

Surely This Isn't How

Business Is Meant To Be...

I knew my business was my purpose, my calling. All I wanted was to get my message out so I could help the people I was meant to help.


I knew I had to use some form of marketing to connect to clients, but what I tried didn't work. So, I listened to several marketing gurus. They told me different things to do. Some of the advice even contradicted...


I was stumped, so I enrolled in more trainings, courses, and programs. Instead of clarity, I got even more confused.


The more I tried, the farther away I felt from getting more clients. Eventually I got so overwhelmed I didn't know what to do next. I started to wonder if there was something wrong with me...


I even started to think...


Maybe I don't have what it takes to be an entrepreneur or impact the world in a big way...


So, if you can relate to any of this, you're not alone.


And It Doesn't Have To Be Like This


You see, as I studied the "successful" marketing experts who had years of success...


I started to realize something VERY interesting...The reason for my failures (and probably failures for thousands of others)...


Was because these "experts" were teaching marketing through the lens of expert.

I was trying to create marketing on a Master's Level without having the basic marketing foundations in place.


And unfortunately so many heart-centered entrepreneurs make the same fatal mistake when they try to market their businesses.


Using complicated "high tech" marketing strategies right out of the gate...


Is not the first step.


So, if you've been struggling to get your marketing to work...


Here’s A Newsflash: 

The Problem’s Not You,

It’s How Marketing’s Being Taught.




So, You're Not Alone If...

You’re overwhelmed trying to figure all this out—because you’ve been given so much advice, you’re not sure what’s the right thing for you and your business.


You sense that you’re missing some important pieces of your marketing—to the point you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels or even sliding backwards.


You’re tired of going in circles trying to figure out your ideal market and the specific clients you serve.


You feel uncertain you’re saying the right things when networking and marketing your business.


You want a way to get all your ideas out of your head and into a step-by-step marketing plan.


You wish you had 100 percent clarity on what to do each day to attract more clients.


What's Missing In Your Marketing Plan?


 It's like building a house. Sure, you can have a gorgeous front door, but you’ve got to lay the foundation and frame up the doorway first. The door is worthless without the structure and framework.


It's the same with your marketing... 


The foundation and structure are the KEYS to creating

marketing that works.


Once you’ve got these keys in place, THEN you can use the fancy tactics and latest strategies to attract more clients.


When you’ve got your foundation in place, your marketing

will start to feel magical...


Like it’s working for you in the background, effortlessly

drawing in perfect clients.

I Get It Because I Also Struggled With All These Challenges In My Own Marketing 

 When I first started my business, I was over the moon when I hired a web developer to build my website.





My excitement quickly turned into frustration and overwhelm when he told me that I wasn't clear enough in my message, and he couldn't help me figure out my marketing.




All he was going to do was take my vision, brand, and the content (all of which he expected from me) and put it up on a website.




I Realized

My Marketing Message

Was Up To ME.



I left the meeting deflated but determined to figure it out.


What I didn't know ahead of me was a very long and expensive road of marketing gurus and courses.


The more time and money I spent, the more confused I got...


Then one day when I was watching yet another marketing course, it hit me....


Many of the marketing experts I was following simply glossed over the basic elements of marketing that had to be in place for their strategies to get results. 


I went to work.


After painstaking hours of research and trial and error, I figured out what was missing in many of the other marketing programs out there.


I incorporated these missing ingredients in my own marketing, and my business turned around.


I started to get more clients!


I Finally Cracked

The Code.

I Created a Blueprint




I put what I discovered into a systemized-program so you don't have to go it alone like I did...


So you can get clarity on your vision, your market, and your message.


So You Can Get RESULTS.

What Would

A Personalized

Client Attraction Blueprint

Do For You...

What if your marketing was so compelling and on point, it effortlessly attracted more clients? Not just any clients—Your PERFECT clients.


What if you knew exactly what to say when someone asked you,

“What do you do?”


What if you had all the right words and phrases to use in your marketing? Websites, brochures, fliers, ads, articles, emails, blogs, etc.


What if you knew how to effectively position your products and services in a way that your perfect client would resonate so deeply, they couldn’t help but say yes?


What if (maybe even for the first time ever) you felt authentic and in complete alignment with your marketing message?


What if you had total confidence in what you’re bringing to the marketplace, and people saw you as an expert in your field?


And finally…


What if you had a solid marketing plan that gets you results?



Here's What a Client Said About Her 

Client Attractor Blueprint...


Paula D.

Relationship Coach

I Found My Marketing Voice

"I struggled with finding a niche market and specific clients to serve. My frustration with marketing was overwhelming because there's so many things you have to think about. The Client Attractor Blueprint course was on point. It gave me every step I needed. I definitely know my vision, niche, and the needs of the clients I'm serving. I've done a lot of other courses, and this one kept me focused. The presentation of the material was clear and precise, and it was easy to breeze through the program. I feel amazing now that I've finally found my marketing voice."




The Client Attractor Blueprint


The Roadmap That’ll Attract More Clients Than You’ve Ever Thought Possible And Give You The Marketing Confidence To Grow Your Business.




You Can Finally Stop...


Wondering what to focus on because this system helps you clarify your vision, niche, and client.


Guessing what your clients want because you’ll have a process to uncover exactly what that is.


Throwing time and money away on cookie-cutter programs that just tell you what to say and do.


With The Client Attractor Blueprint:


Your marketing message does the heavy lifting so you can focus on helping more clients.


You’ll save time because you’ll know exactly what products and services your clients crave.


You’ll have a repeatable framework that gets results. No more courses/classes/or programs!


Why Is The Client Attractor

Blueprint (CAB) So Different?


#1—You need clarity on your vision, niche, and avatar before you think about branding or “getting out there.” You can’t market authentically without it. You’ll nail all of this with the CAB.


#2—Cookie-cutter marketing doesn’t work. You’re unique, and so is your business. The CAB is designed to draw out your unique aspects and put them in exact alignment with your perfect client.


#3—You’ve got a unique voice and brand; it’s time to tell your story. It must align with your perfect client. If your story doesn’t align, clients can’t hear you. The CAB will help you tie all of this together.


#4—Clients only hear you when you align your products and services with the problem you can help them solve. This creates a clear marketing message. The CAB shows you how to easily position your business’s products and services as the solution.


#5—Align your marketing message with your website, marketing materials, elevator pitches and networking. You will begin to attract perfect clients, and your business will start to grow. The CAB will show you how to create an entire strategy for this.


#6—Most marketing strategies only work for a short time, and you’re back to the drawing board. You need something that’ll go the distance growing your business. You can use the Client Attractor Blueprint over and over as you develop new products and services.


#7—The bonus section addresses the REAL reason why your business isn’t growing—something all the other marketing programs out there don’t even talk about. It’s your marketing mindset—you must be in alignment mentally with what you desire in your business.


Whether You're An Expert In...


 Life Coaching           


• Weight Loss             

• Parenting

• Health/Wellness     

• Healing

• Holistic Medicine

• Intuition  

• Meditation               

• Business

• Counseling               

• Energy Work

• Yoga 

• Consulting  


Basically If:


• You Have a Business in the Coaching, Consulting, 

Healing or Professional Services Space


 You Identify With Being A Heart-Centered Entrepreneur


• You Own Your Brand 


You Can Create and Tweak Your Offers Without 

  Restrictions From a Franchise or Network Marketing 


• You're Willing to "Think Outside the Box" To Get Results


 You're Ready to Create a Marketing Plan to Attract More Clients


The Client Attractor Blueprint

Will Help You Craft Marketing

That Connects to Your Clients


Here’s What You’ll Get In

The Client Attractor Blueprint Program



You’ll get access to ALL Six of the Client Attractor Blueprint Training Modules so you can get started right away and move through the content at your own pace.


• Each module contains audio lessons recorded live with other students where I teach you the philosophy and the real-world strategy for implementing this training into your business. It'll feel like you're in the class too, but with privacy and convenience!


• You'll have access to the written transcripts from each class so you can read them on your smartphone or print them out. Take the CAB course wherever you are and refer back to the transcripts as often as you want!


• You'll also be guided through "doing" worksheets designed to help you uncover and formulate your own authentic "marketing success formula." No more guessing and wasting money on marketing (and hiring "experts") missing the mark!


• Whether you're an auditory, visual, or kinesthetic learner, this course has you covered!

Here’s a Module Breakdown:



Module 1

Philosophy and Vision

First, you’ll get an overview of the content of the course and what to expect in the coming weeks.


We’ll clarify your vision as well as determine what your ultimate business looks and feels like.


We’ll also dive deep to uncover your “why” and align your business with your core values.


The confidence and clarity you’ll get from this module will set the stage for growing your business quickly.



What’s in Module 1:


• How to Create a Marketing Plan Worksheet

• Creating Your Personal Why Statement for Your Business Exercise

• Creating My Perfect Business Visioning Exercise

• Business Coaching Vision Planner Exercise

• My Core Values Exercise



Module 2


In this module we go over what a niche is and why it’s important you pick one for your business.


Many business owners want to skip this part because they fear missing out on clients. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.


After completing this module, you’ll have complete clarity on the market you serve, and you’ll feel relieved knowing that your marketing is working for you.


What’s in Module 2:


• Applying Life Experience to Your Business Niche Exercise

• Niche Narrowing Exercise

• Market Research Exercise

• Creating Authority with Your Clients Worksheet

• Flowing Into the Stream of Clients Visioning Exercise


Module 3  


Now that you’re clear on your niche, it’s time to create your Perfect Client Profile.


This is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make when it comes to your marketing.


In this module we’ll go over why this is so important and how it relates to your messaging.


You’ll create your own avatar in this module so you can write marketing copy so compelling, your prospects will think you’re having a one-on-one conversation!


What’s in Module 3:


• My Perfect Customer Visioning Exercise

• My Avatar Profile Worksheet

• Creating the Customer Connection Exercise

• Envision Perfect Customers Visioning Exercise


Module 4 

Identify Customer Needs

In this module, you’ll discover why you must focus your marketing on your prospect’s problem, not your credentials or your business.


You’ll learn about the different psychological triggers that will get your prospect interested and ready to buy.


Most importantly, you’ll learn a process that will tell you exactly what your prospect thinks, wants, and needs so you can create products that sell easily and effortlessly.  


This module alone is pure marketing gold!


What’s in Module 4:


• Problems to Profit Worksheet

• Avatar Interview Exercise and Process

• Avatar Summary Worksheet


Module 5  

Product/Service Positioning

Aligning your products and services with your client is the fastest and easiest way to effortlessly grow your business.


In this module you’ll learn how to position yourself as the expert in your field by demonstrating to your avatar that you can take them on a transformational journey and get them the result they’ve been yearning for.


You’ll even be able to charge premium prices and not come off as salesy or slimy.


When these pieces come together, you’ll also be able to create a mission statement that’s purpose-driven and in total alignment with you and your business.


What’s in Module 5:


• Helping Your Avatar Avoid Failure and Achieve Success Exercise

• Aligning Products and Services With Your Avatar Worksheet

• Aligning Avatar Expectations With Your Offer Exercise

• Mission Statement Framework Exercise


Module 6

Marketing Plan and Strategy

This final module is where the rubber meets the road!


We’ll go over how to create your action-packed marketing plan and how to schedule your marketing so it’s not overwhelming—it’s doable.


Your marketing plan will be your “go to” blueprint for anything you create to message your brand:


Website, Elevator Pitch, Headlines, Titles, Program Names, Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers and Other Collaterals, Sales Copy, Blogs, and Social Media Posts.


You can use this plan through the entire duration of your business, or you can update or create new plans using the same structure you’ve learned from the CAB program.


What’s in Module 6:


• Calling Your Avatar to Action Worksheet

• Business Marketing Plan Template Key

• Business Marketing Action Plan Template

• Marketing Plan Project Scheduler

• Marketing Action Plan Calendar

• Riding the Frequency Wave Exercise



But It Doesn’t Stop There


Now that you’ve got your marketing plan, it’s time to grow your business. These bonuses help you do just that!




Here's What You Get

In Addition to

The Client Attractor Blueprint Program...




Manifesting Clients Exercise

($299 Value)

One of the biggest stumbling blocks coaches, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs face is filling their calendar with clients.


The truth is getting clients requires a blend of marketing strategy and energetic alignment with your ideal prospect.


This exercise harnesses the energy you need to call in these clients, so they start contacting you for bookings.


You get this bonus RIGHT AWAY just for saying YES to yourself and your business when you sign up for the CAB program.


This bonus alone can open the floodgates to

having more clients—NOW!



Collaborating with the Competitor

($299 Value)

Looking for a quick cash infusion for your business?


One of the fastest ways to get money coming in is getting others to do your marketing for you in the form of referrals.


Most business owners shy away from the competition, but what if there was a way to make the competition a referral source?


This bonus will show you how to position your products and services as added value, and your competitor will see working with you as the leverage they need to enhance their customer experience. 


You’ll learn how to position yourself as a trusted advisor to others in your industry and get them referring their clients to you.


A total win-win!



Manifesting the Perfect Team Member

($199 Value)

Once the clients start rolling in, you’re going to need help managing your business.


This is the phase two “sticking point” where many coaches, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs stay stuck trying to grow their business.


 This bonus will show you how to align your business with the perfect person.


You can use this bonus to attract employees, managers, contractors, or even partners.


If you need growth support in any area of your business—this bonus covers it!



Extracting the Story Exercise

($249 Value)

Do you ever just feel “stuck” in your business?


Many of those feelings come from your subconscious mind where your beliefs about money, success, and capabilities of helping others stop you from moving toward your goals.


This is where “self-sabotage” comes from, and no amount of action-taking or "doing" can overcome it.


 This bonus was designed to help you get your mindset “stories” in alignment with your goals. 


When you clear the space of negative stories, you’ll easily move toward what it is you want in your business.


After completing this bonus, you’ll be inspired with new ideas, and the actions you take in your business will give you faster results.



Client Locator Blueprint 

($299 Value)



Elevator Speech Blueprint 

($299 value)

Are you not sure what to say when people ask you what you do?  


This blueprint will help you answer that question with confidence and clarity.


You’ll know EXACTLY what to say in any situation, whether you have 15 seconds or a few minutes.


Perfect clients will be asking for your card and requesting consultations right away!



Redefine Your Why Meditation

($197 Value)

Many coaches, healers, and heart-centered entrepreneurs start out excited to help others, but once the business is launched, fear, doubt, and worry can start to creep in.


These feelings cripple the growth of your business.


This meditation will help you shift to a positive motivation, clear any conflicting messages or self-talk, align your big “why” (or the purpose you have in being in your business), and remove any underlying negative or fear-based motivations.


Once you make this shift, your business will move forward effortlessly.



These Bonuses ALONE Could Change 

The Trajectory of Your Business




Here's How The Client Attractor Blueprint Transformed Another Client's Marketing Results...

Robin Y.

Certified Hypnotherapist 

I Found My Authentic Market

"I didn't know my message, the types of clients I wanted to attract or what my clients' main problem was. I felt like I was going around in circles and on tangents. The Client Attractor Blueprint Course was much more detailed with ground level information that had been skipped or breezed over in other programs I'd taken. I started to see forward movement, where I was formulating a plan and not feeling all over the place. I got really motivated to keep working, and my business was propelled forward in a big way. I wish I'd taken this course when I first started, as it would have saved me years of agonizing with the indecision of what to do. Thank you!"



 Now That We’ve Covered

How The Client Attractor Blueprint Works,

 I’m Sure Your Asking...


What's My Investment? 



This program's an investment in you, your business, and your future.


No more wasting time and money on “expert” advice and programs

that don’t work.


You will FINALLY attract your Perfect Clients.



Most Clients Pay Back

the ENTIRE Cost of

The Client Attractor Blueprint 

With ONE New Client.  


With That Being Said...


• You won't pay $10,000...


• You won't pay $5,000...


You won't even pay $2,000!


You'll Get Lifetime Access to the ENTIRE Client Attractor Blueprint Program For A One-Time Payment of $797.00 USD.


The Client Attractor Blueprint normally retails for $1,500.00


So, in case you haven't done the math...


That's an Amazing 50% Savings!

So If You're Serious About Growing Your Business, Click the Button Below To Get Started


This Payment Plan Will Make It Even Easier

To Get Started Today


If paying up front isn't possible for you right now...I understand.


I don't plan to keep The Client Attractor Blueprint at this incredible price for long, and I don't want you to miss out. 


You can also secure your spot inside The Client Attractor Blueprint for 2x payments of $425.00 USD charged 30-days apart...


If that's better from a cash flow point of view.

I'm not going to pretend that this offer is affordable for everyone...I know that's just not the case.


But, I'm confident it's worth the investment.


Here's why:


 The Client Attractor Blueprint Pays for Itself


Think about it...


Let's say you choose to jump into the course...


You only need to successfully sign up ONE client at $797 to make your money back, right?



Just like Maxine L.(Hypnotherapist) did:

"One of the exercises in The Client Attractor Blueprint program had me interview several ideal clients from my niche market just for research. I wasn't even prepared to say "yes" to one of the clients who wanted to work with me after I interviewed her. All I was expecting was to do research, and she wanted to do business!"


Or say you're not sure about what to say to your target market... 


You'll only need to add an offer at the end of your articles to amp up your results! 


Just like Donna S. (Career Coach) did...

"I've been blogging consistently to my niche since 2013. The marketing piece was a thorn in my side and the most overwhelming part of my business. Because of The Client Attractor Blueprint program, I'm being more specific in what I say in my calls to action at the end of each article. Having this marketing plan blew me away with the results I'm getting!" 


Or what if you decided to tackle creating a niche for your business so you have a brand that stands out...


You'll only need to follow my step-by-step formula in the Niche module of the program to finally have a fool-proof process to nail it for good...


And you'll replenish your investment right away!


Erin B. (NLP Practitioner) did it...

"I felt heavy by not making progress in my business. It felt like an uphill battle trying to get clients and market to a wide variety of people to get them enrolled in my classes. Picking a niche felt like two big parts of me coming together-I have more vision and a newer level of clarity. The Client Attractor Blueprint helped me test and determine a viable target market who's ready to purchase my programs." 


Whether your crafting your Business Vision in Module 1...


Becoming an expert in your Niche in Module 5...


Or creating your own Authentic Marketing Plan in Module 6...


My point is:


Every single module in this program is designed to help you attract more clients in the fastest and easiest way possible.


Meaning, there's little to no risk involved with your investment today.


But, if you're still hesitant to take the leap today...


I'm taking it a step further...

You're Protected By My

7-DAY - 100%

“No Questions Asked” 



Here's the deal...


I want this to be the easiest decision you've made to invest in your business.


Which is why I want to take away all the risk for you!


You see, I'm super confident that The Client Attractor Blueprint will get a steady stream of clients flowing to you.


However, if for some strange reason you don't find value in any of the modules within the program I'm giving you lifetime access to...


( And I'm assuming you completed the first two modules, finished the homework, and asked for help when you need it...because just buying a course doesn't "magically" make your business successful... )


Just send me an email within 7 days, and I'll buy the entire course back from you.


Yes, I'll give you a full refund if you let me know you didn't find value within 7 days.


That's how confident I am that this program full of resources is exactly what you're looking for...


Plus this gives you peace of mind that this is both a safe and smart decision.


Sound good?


If so, click the button below, and get going immediately.


This Price is Here Only for a Limited Time

I'm serious when I say this price won't be around for long...


It's simply too outrageous to give this program away for a 50% discount...


If you're reading this now, the price could go up literally at any minute.


I want to help as many people as I can, but I can't give away the farm forever.


Click the button below while it's still at this incredible price, and you can get going immediately :

Immediate Access To The


Client Attractor Blueprint Program


All 6 Modules That Will Help You Find

Clarity On Your Niche and Perfect Client

Along With The PERFECT Words

You Need For Your Marketing. 


Your private portal includes: The Client Attractor Blueprint course with the 6 audio lessons, transcripts, and action-packed worksheets to help you attract clients even faster.

($1,500 value) 


You’ll Also Get Access To All These Bonuses:



Manifesting Clients Exercise 

($299 Value)



Collaborating with the Competitor

($299 Value)



Manifesting the Perfect Team Member

($199 Value)



Extracting the Story Exercise

 ($249 Value)



Client Locator Blueprint

 ($299 Value)



Elevator Speech Blueprint

($299 value)



Redefine Your Why Meditation

($197 Value)



Tonia S. (Mental Wellness Consultant) 

"I'd never tried a marketing course before. The Client Attractor Blueprint opened my eyes because it helped me serve my clients in a different way. Overall I felt like the program was totally doable, and I feel more confident about myself. I'm even applying what I learned in this program to other areas of my business like approaching prospects!"


Jaylyn L. (Wealth and Asset Consultant) 

"I struggled staying motivated to help prospects who I perceived didn't want to be helped. The Client Attractor Blueprint program taught me how to clarify my core values in business and find prospects with those same core values. It felt so good to find a group of prospects who see value in what I do and how I can help them. I can now help even more people with this new-found marketing approach!" 


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